Democratic Congressman Blasts President Trump Amid NFL Controversy

February 06, 2018Feb 06, 2018

The national anthem protests in the NFL, which started with former quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2016, quickly escalated when President Trump weighed in on it last year. After Trump insisted that any player who kneels during the anthem should be fired, hundreds of players joined the protests.

The “Take a Knee” protests, a movement that began to fight racial injustice, sparked a major controversy between the political parties of America—Democrats supported the movement, while Republicans felt it was the wrong platform to exercise their freedom of speech and was a complete act of disrespect to our military.

Eventually, the intensity simmered down—more and more players started standing during the “Star Spangled Banner” again. During Super Bowl LII, not one player from the Eagles or Patriots knelt during the national anthem.

This was a huge victory for the Trump administration and the Republican Party. However, Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond of Louisiana blasted the President when asked about the lack of kneeling during this year’s Super Bowl, reported TMZ Sports on Tuesday.

“The President—I don’t think he wins anything,” he said. “People like Malcolm Jenkins...who are busting their butts for civil rights...I think he’s a big winner.”

Malcolm Jenkins, football safety for the Philadelphia Eagles, was one of a few players who stated he would not visit the White House if invited for the traditional victory celebration. Richmond praised Jenkins several times in his interview with TMZ.

“The President is absolutely irrelevant...he’s not wanted [in the NFL], so it doesn’t matter,” Richmond continued.  

Richmond is an outspoken critic of President Trump. Recently, he accused Trump of using “racist rhetoric” in his State of the Union address and said “[America] won’t be fooled by this speech,” reported The Washington Times.

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