CAUTION: If Walmart Sends You A Check In The Mail, Know THIS Before You Do ANYTHING WITH IT!

March 20, 2017Mar 20, 2017

Recently, people have been receiving checks in the mail from Walmart. The check is usually accompanied by a letter that says a third party company has chosen the person to be a "secret shopper" and spend a portion of the check. 

It then asks the recipient to register on a website by providing personal and confidential account information. The letter also tells people they can keep a portion of the money if they do not spend it.

However, the entire thing is a fraudulent scheme to con people out of their hard-earned money. 

Walmart cautions people by saying they do not even use "secret shopper" services.

“Mystery shopping, sometimes referred to as secret shopping, is where an individual is hired to ‘act’ like a customer, and evaluate services at a business," the company's official corporate website says. "The individual is essentially paid to shop, and then report on the experience. Walmart does NOT utilize these services."

"This mystery shopper scam uses fraudulent offers, fake checks and wire transfers to persuade unsuspecting consumers into sending money to fraudsters who are often located outside the U.S," the site continues.

They have also used other methods to scam people, including the one in the video below. 

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