Cause of Death Revealed After Second Man Found Dead Inside Democratic Super Donor's Home

March 28, 2019Mar 28, 2019

The mainstream media has continued to remain silent after a serious incident has placed another dead body at the home of one of Hillary Clinton's largest donors. Ed Buck, the Democratic megadonor, was also been a highly active donor for Barack Obama.

Now, protesters are asking for answers after another man was recently found dead inside the Hollywood apartment. The incident comes just 17 months after another man, who was confirmed to be a male escort, also died at the property.

“Arrest Ed Buck, prosecute Ed Buck, and then a jury needs to convict Ed Buck,” activist Jasmyne Cannick said on Monday night, Fox News reported. “This man has had two dead bodies in his house, and he is still in his house.”

The Los Angeles police department is currently investigating the incident. At the time the first body was discovered, multiple drugs were also found in the house. Now, drugs are once again being brought into the incident with reports that this man was also under the influence of illegal substances.

“There are some individuals in our society who have a huge heart — maybe bigger than what they should have — and they allow individuals to come over when they probably some of us would not allow them to come over and then things happen thereafter. Not being involved in their death, trying to help them and counsel them, to change their ways — but this is what happens,” Amster added, according to reports. "As far as we’re concerned, this is an accidental death.”

Many are now calling for a more formal investigation into Buck. During the first investigation, officials concluded that “admissible evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that suspect Buck furnished drugs to Gemmel Moore or that suspect Buck possessed drugs.”

After Moore's death, a journal entry was posted online that was allegedly written by the escort. He blamed Buck for getting him hooked on crystal methamphetamine. Despite the controversy, Buck seems to remain untouchable. He has given over $500,000 to Democratic groups in recent years, including the Clintons and the Obamas.

Now, a shocking new piece of information is being released. Officials are reporting that the second man died in exactly the same way as the first man.

"Timothy Dean, 55, was found dead in Mr. Buck’s apartment on Jan. 7, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. In July 2017, Gemmel Moore, 26, also died from an accidental methamphetamine overdose. He was found on a mattress in Mr. Buck’s living room, the authorities said," wrote the NY Times.

The deaths look extremely suspicions. Buck has yet to comment publicly about the newly released information.

“It is suspicious that this has happened twice now, so we’re going to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if it is criminal in nature,” Lt. Derrick Alfred of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told KTLA-TV.

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