Cause of Death Revealed After Music Star Dies at Only 53

December 20, 2017Dec 20, 2017

One of the founding members of 2 Live Crew passed away recently. TMZ is reporting that Fresh Kid Ice died at the age of 53.

Ice reportedly died from numerous medical issues, most notably, cirrhosis of the liver. Medical Examiners have also reported that Hepatitis C and a long history of alcohol use contributed to his death.

"The Medical Examiner's office said it signed off on a request for Fresh Kid's -- real name Chris Wong Won -- body to be cremated and sent to a funeral home, though it's unclear if the body's already been cremated," according to TMZ.

Ice was also known as a trailblazer for Asian rappers and was one of the founding members of the legendary hip-hop crew with DJ Mr. Mixx and Amazing Vee. Fans were sad to learn of his passing.

What do you think about this? Please join us in praying for his family and friends during this tragic time. Also, be sure to read our breaking news story about the famous celebrity who was its found dead at home.

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