Disheartening Cause of Death Revealed for 46-Year-Old Lead Singer of Chart-Topping Band

September 06, 2018Sep 06, 2018

On January 15, the tragic news was reported that the lead singer of a chart-topping band, “The Cranberries” had passed away. Dolores O’Riordan was found dead at the young age of 46.

The singer was discovered at a hotel in London. At the time of her death, no further details were given regarding her cause of death.

At the time, O’Riordan’s publicist said, “The lead singer with the Irish band The Cranberries was in London for a short recording session. No further details are available at this time.”

After the news of her death emerged, fans from around the world began to pour out tributes. The band had found an international audience and had climbed the charts in the 90s with their hit singles “Zombie,” “Linger,” and “Dreams.”

Now, several months after the singer died, her cause of death has finally been revealed. According to new reports, O’Riordan’s family attended an inquest to learn more about the details of her death. The hearing took place at the Westminster Coroners’ Court in London.

[Editor’s note: below are the graphic details of the singer’s death.]

At the inquest, the family learned that the lead singer was found dead face up in a bathtub at the Hilton Park Lane hotel. She was still wearing her pajamas.

The official cause of death was determined as follows: death by drowning as a result of intoxication from alcohol.

Reportedly, the singer had called her mother just before her death on the early morning of January 15 after accessing her room’s mini bar. Additionally, she had five mini bottles of spirits and a 35cl bottle of Champagne. At the time of her death, cleaners also found an empty pack of cigarettes and medication packaging including lorazepam.

Dr. Shirley Radcliffe, the coroner on the case, said that this appeared to be a tragic accident and not intentional.

Sadly, the inquest was held on what would have been O’Riordan’s 47th birthday.

Please be praying for O’Riordan’s family during this difficult week. While they have had some time to process, this opens up the wounds again. Share your prayers here. In other recent news, Billy Graham's daughter just revealed some devastating news and asked for prayers.