Catholic Nun Makes It Clear How To Vote...Even After She's Dead

October 27, 2016Oct 27, 2016

This election is so confusing. Both candidates have obvious faults, and amongst Christians in America, there are two very strongly opposing groups: one says that it is just abominable to vote for Trump, and the other says that he is our best bet. If we are just looking at the personalities, this race can be very confusing. But Mother Angelica, who is now 7 months deceased, filmed a video 16 years ago that helps make this decision much clearer.


“I’m not going to vote for candidates,” she advised while answering the question of if one should vote.  “I vote for life … for life.” Mother Angelica continued her explanation: “I vote for the God who gave us life and has a right – the only one who has a right to create life, and call it forth to Himself- the ONLY ONE!”

“You don’t have a right, I don’t have a right - nobody has a right!” Mother Angelica stated, “to call death upon someone God has called to life.” She also warned that the acceptance of abortion would lead to the acceptance of euthanasia.  “If we don’t stand for the principles of God, you will be next, because you’re getting too old, you take up too much time and medicine.”

Her words have been resonating with many as this election nears, and the video has become viral on Facebook. You can watch it at Life Site News.

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