Fidel Castro's Grandson Sparks Outrage After Latest Social Media Posts

January 08, 2019Jan 08, 2019

Fidel Castro is a historical icon. Now, his grandson is making headlines after his lavish lifestyle was exposed thanks to his over-the-top posts on social media.

"Cuban dissidents expressed outrage this weekend after American media outlets exposed the lavish lifestyle of Tony Castro, Fidel Castro’s grandson, as documented on his now-private Instagram account," reported Breitbart.

The younger Castro has published numerous images of himself as he travels the globe. Many pictures depict him enjoying a lifestyle of fame and riches. He is seen on fancy yachts and also dining on high-end dinners. Some of his images have included pictures of his date carrying an extremely expensive purse.

The grandson to the one-time dictator of Cuba does all this while seemingly remain unemployed. His only career occupation listed is that of "model", although he hasn't publicly modeled in some time.

"Miami’s El Nuevo Herald triggered the outrage surrounding the life of Tony Castro by publishing several photos from his Instagram account showing him traveling around the world. Castro appears on his account enjoying Mexico’s best beaches as well as stints in Panama and Spain. Castro appears in Barcelona in one photo, enjoying a visit to the city’s Basilica of the Sacred Family. (Christianity in Cuba is heavily regulated and allowed only to be practiced in the hands of Communist Party-friendly Catholic priests.) In another photo, Castro appears driving a modern BMW, a stark departure from the dilapidated mid-20th century vehicles the average Cuban must endure driving, thanks to the Revolution’s communist economy," reported Breitbart.

Castro's posts have sparked outrage with a lot of people. Many feel he should not be bragging about his lifestyle while many Cubans are still using a ration card system for food distribution and living in poverty.

“With the situation the country is living now where there isn’t even flour to bake bread, the most basic food the Cuban population has, suddenly we see pictures of Fidel and Raúl’s grandchildren … it’s logical to think, rightfully, that this money is coming from what the people aren’t receiving,” another Cuban activist, Kirenia Yalit Núñez, told Martí.

Time will if Castro decides to keep sharing images of his travels. His account has been made private at this time.

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