Carson Turns Up The Heat, Accuses Ted Cruz Of Doing THIS To His Campaign

February 03, 2016Feb 03, 2016

Being the frontrunner in the presidential race means that you will be mercilessly attacked and accused of all kinds of transgressions.  While the attacks will mostly come from the opposite party, a large percentage will come from within as each candidate fights to be the nominee.

For many months, Trump was the sole target of attacks from the rest of field.  Now that Cruz is atop of the polls and fresh off his victory in Iowa, he has the largest target on his back.

On Tuesday, Ben Carson’s campaign joined into the attacks on Cruz.  According to Fox News, Carson’s campaign accused Ted Cruz and his campaign of spreading false rumors that Carson was planning to suspend his campaign.

“There has never been a more tainted victory in the Iowa caucuses,” Carson’s campaign spokesperson said after Carson only registered 9% of the vote.

Carson’s campaign told Fox that Cruz’s supporters and campaign staff were telling Carson supporters that Carson was going to leave the race and return home to Florida.  Carson told Fox that people were told that “voting for me was wasting their vote, and that they should reconsider.”  His campaign was quick to quell the rumors that he was dropping out of the race and said that Carson was only returning to Florida for some “clean clothes.”

Carson is known for being very mild mannered and not willing to attack other candidates, but after his low turnout in Iowa it appears that he is turning up the heat.  This should make things far more interesting in New Hampshire next week.