Carson Offers Stinging Rebuttal To Clinton And Democrats Who Play The Race Card

February 19, 2016Feb 19, 2016

Ben Carson is no stranger to racial issues.  As an African-American male, Ben Carson has had to overcome prejudice and racism in reaching the levels of success that he has attained.  According to Breitbart, Carson is still having to answer questions and attacks, including from the Democratic party.

On Wednesday, Carson appeared on the “Hugh Hewitt Show.”  Carson was shown a clip of Hillary Clinton trying to slam Republicans for what she deemed “talking in coded racial language.”

Hewitt asked Carson if he thought that Clinton was the one that spoke in the “coded racial language” that she tried to pin on Republicans.

“Well, I mean, I think she does,” Carson replied. “And you know, they’re always going to bring up the race issue anytime they don’t get their way like little children having a temper tantrum.  It’s kind of comical, quite frankly.  And you know, if everything is racial, why aren’t they saying that any problems that I have are because of racial prejudice?  You know, why does it always only go in one direction.  That makes no sense.”