Carson Fires Back, Refuses To Exit Presidential Race For THIS One Reason

March 01, 2016Mar 01, 2016

A former frontrunner in the Republican presidential race, Ben Carson has seen his poll numbers plummet.  He was once atop the polls with Donald Trump and carried a large support from Republican voters.  He is now in last place with only a small fraction of support.

Members of the Republican establishment have called for Carson to exit the race so that his voters can align themselves behind one of the front running candidates.

Despite his downfall and extremely low numbers, Carson vows to stay in the race.  In an Op-Ed piece on Fox News, Carson laid out his reasons why.

“My candidacy is about restoring the principles of self-government by running as a true citizen-statesman who is accountable to all and beholden to none,” Carson wrote. “I have run a campaign built around faith, integrity and common sense, because I believe that how we run this race is indicative of how we would run the country.”

“I offer the people a different choice from the other candidates, one they deserve to be able to make for themselves, as they support the principles in which they really believe,” Carson continued.  “That is why I won’t listen as the pundits and politicians decree from on high. I refuse to play by Washington’s political rule book, or subjugate myself to the whims of the political class.”

Carson doesn’t believe that the media or the politicians currently in power should have any say in the electability of a candidate.  “Our nation is best served when the people have free choice,” Carson wrote. “If a reporter wants to change a person’s vote, they should give him or her a compelling reason, not take away their options.”

The calls for Carson to bow out of the race has only fueled his resolve to stay in the race and leave it up to the people to decide. “It is a fundamentally undemocratic response to insinuate that people should be stripped of their choice ‘for the good of the party.’ That’s why I’ve vowed to continue our campaign as long as we have revenue and support, until the people have decided.”