Carson Exacts Revenge On The Mainstream Media In The Most Hilarious Way

November 11, 2015Nov 11, 2015

Last week, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was brutally attacked and mocked by the mainstream media.  Politico ran an article claiming that Ben Carson had lied about being offered a scholarship to West Point.

The rest of the mainstream media vilified Carson for the life he led before he had accepted Jesus into his heart and became a Christian.  They dug through his book and blasted his childhood transgressions from over thirty years ago into the public eye.

Obama never faced that intense of a scrutiny from the mainstream media when he was running for office.

Ben Carson didn’t take offense or attack the media in the same way they went after him.  Instead, he made light of the way that the media reports news by creating mock “breaking” headlines.  Here are some of them that were posted to his Facebook page and Twitter feed...