Carson Dismantles Trumps Attack With THREE Unexpected Words

November 14, 2015Nov 14, 2015

Donald Trump has never been shy about his words.  His outspoken nature and bold views have lifted him to the top of the polls.  Nothing he has said about Immigrants, John McCain, or his fellow candidates have done anything to damage his standing with voters.  That was before Trump’s attack on Ben Carson this past week.


According to Yahoo news, Trump was delivering a campaign speech in Iowa when he turned his attention towards Carson and the media’s recent inquiries into Carson’s past.

Trump particularly talked about the incident Ben Carson described in his book where he had attempted to stab a person and was ultimately led to a new life in following Christ.  “Give me a break,” Trump said, “How stupid are the people of Iowa?  How stupid are the people of the country to believe that crap?  If you’re pathological, there’s no cure for that.  If you’re a child molester, there’s no cure.  They can’t stop you.”

The attacks on Carson did not faze him.  When asked Carson’s business manager asked Carson how they should respond to Trump’s words, Carson said that they should “Pray for him.”

“He feels sorry for him,” Carson’s manager said, “Because he really likes Mr. Trump.  Too see him just imploding before our very eyes – it’s just sad to watch.”

While Carson refuses to attack Trump, it remains to be seen if Trump's place in the polls remains on top.  Have the people had enough?  Or do they resonate with what Trump is saying?