Carson And CAIR Go To War: “Bigot” Vs. “Terrorists”

December 16, 2015Dec 16, 2015

Ben Carson wants the federal government to investigate the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) for any possible ties to terrorist organizations.  While rolling out a new policy to fight radical Islamic terrorism, Carson turned towards the group that has attacked him publicly.

“The Department of State should designate the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations that propagate or support Islamic terrorism as terrorist organizations, and fully investigate the Council on American Islamic Relations as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and a supporter of terrorism,” Carson said.

There is no love lost between the presidential hopeful and the non-profit Islamic advocacy group.  In September, Carson had said that a Muslim should not be president unless they reject Sharia law as it goes against the Constitution.

CAIR took Carson’s comments as anti-Islam and tried to portray him as a bigot.  They demanded that Carson drop out of the race.  Now that Carson wants to investigate CAIR, they have doubled down on their hatred towards him.  “Ben Carson is a failing candidate grasping at straws and seeking payback for CAIR’s previous criticism of his anti-Muslim bigotry and his lack of commitment to uphold the Constitution,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said.

Hooper also claims that “Islamophobia” is the reason behind Carson’s statements.

Carson however, may have precedent to call for an investigation into CAIR’s activities.  According to The Hill, CAIR was named as a co-conspirator during a trial in 2007 in which a different group was convicted of sending money to Hamas, a group that has been designated by the United States to be a terrorist organization.

Do you agree with Carson’s call for an investigation?  Or is he being “Islamophobic” as CAIR said?