Carrie Underwood Under Attack by 'Mom-Shamers' After Latest Photo

October 26, 2018Oct 26, 2018

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood is one of country music's leading ladies. The singer is definitely a favorite among country music fans.

Recently, Underwood shared a photo on Instagram of her attending her young son's soccer game. Sadly, what should have been no big deal turned into "mom-shamers" giving Carrie their two cents.

While many of her Instagram followers left positive comments, some were quick to leave a negative comment on the photo of Underwood looking beautiful while attending her son's soccer game. Those posting the negative comments were criticizing the soon-to-be mom of two for wearing makeup to the game. 

"Why full face of makeup at a soccer game?" one social media user asked. "Just weird Carrie has to be totally camera ready for EVERY shot."

"Real sports moms don't wear 20lbs of makeup on their face to games and practices," another follower on social media wrote.

"You're obviously insecure if you have to get that dolled up for a soccer game," wrote another person. "What do you do if it's raining? Sit in the car so your face doesn't run off?"

Thankfully, her true fans were there to back her up and show their support. Many even commenting on how they do the same thing at their children's games.

"Real moms show up to their children’s games, a face full of makeup or in holy sweats and a ball cap. All that matters to kids is that we showed up. She showed up," one of Underwood's Instagram followers wrote.

"I wore makeup to everyone in of my sons football games so did other moms, and we started at 7am get a life people," one commenter shared. 

"She made the game. Isn’t it all that matters in children’s eyes? I’m quite sure her little boy couldn’t care less if she showed up in sweats or a face full of makeup, all kids care about is that their parents are there rooting them on," another follower wrote.

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