Carrie Underwood's SB Video Left Viewers With 1 Question, Her Team Reveals Answer

February 05, 2018Feb 05, 2018

On Sunday, February 4, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots, becoming the Super Bowl Lll champions. While the national event brings people together to watch football, many people care more about the entertainment throughout the night. 

Throughout the Super Bowl, there were several top-notch performances. Pink opened the game with the National Anthem, battling through the flu to deliver a strong performance. Justin Timberlake performed the halftime show, incorporating several songs, dances, and over-the-top elements into the performance. 

There was one particular element of the Super Bowl that had many viewers asking the same question, however. There was a music video of Carrie Underwood that incorporated various athletes. 

Below is the video:

As usual, fans were obsessing over Carrie Underwood's vocal range. While they loved her singing, fans were quick to point out that Underwood's face looked flawless as well. This left viewers wondering, "Was this video filmed before or after Carrie Underwood's accident?"

In early November, Underwood said that she fell on stairs outside of her home, resulting in "multiple injuries." At first, she told her fans that she had broken her wrist. Several weeks later, however, she revealed that she had badly injured her face as well. 

Underwood said that she needed "40-50 stitches" and that she might look extremely different. She said that she was not yet ready to be in front of a camera. People were already questioning the extent of the injury when a photo surfaced of the singer that was reportedly taken after her accident, where most people thought she looked the same as before. The photo caused people to question whether the photo was actually taken prior to the accident, if Carrie's face injury actually came weeks after her fall, or if she had an extremely swift recovery.

After many people were wondering if Carrie Underwood was fully recovered after watching her Super Bowl video, information about it was found on her website, with details posted on January 12. 

Her team said, "Multi-platinum superstar Carrie Underwood will open Super Bowl Lll on February 4 with a video filmed last year for her anthemic song, 'The Champion.'"

After fans found out that the video was most likely filmed prior to her accident based on the wording in the statement, they are still wondering what Carrie Underwood looks like after receiving up to 50 stitches.

What do you think about this? Did you enjoy her music video at the Super Bowl? Let us know! In other news, watch the powerful moment the Super Bowl champs knelt down to pray together after their win. 

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