Carrie Underwood Uses Her Tragic Experiences to Shine a Light on God, & it is Unbelievably Powerful

June 24, 2019Jun 24, 2019

Country music star Carrie Underwood, 36, previously opened up about her tragic experiences of suffering three miscarriages in less than two years. Before their newest son Jacob Bryan was born earlier this year, she and husband Mike Fisher were inclined to turn to their faith amidst their struggles.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Underwood went more into depth about how the miscarriages impacted her relationship with God. She used her tragic experiences to shine a light on Him — and her message was unbelievably powerful.

“I put a lot of stress on myself — I feel like a lot of moms do, a lot of women do,” she said. “The best moments in my life are when I say, ‘Hey, I can’t control everything, and that’s okay. God is in control.’”

“I’ve always wanted to be a good daughter to my parents but also to God and not complain, because we are beyond blessed,” she continued. “I get to do what I love, I have an incredible family. I have Mike, I have Isaiah, I have great parents. I have all of these amazing people around me, and I don’t want to complain, ever.”

“But the miscarriages made me get real with God and say, ‘Okay, I’m kind of giving up a little bit. If this isn’t meant to happen, then I need to accept that and know that someday I’ll understand why,’” the singer admitted of her challenges.

“We heard that everything was okay and I was pregnant with Jacob,” Underwood reminisced on her latest pregnancy. “He’s just this perfect little bundle of a smiley guy.”

Now, little Jacob, big brother Isaiah, and husband Mike are traveling across the country for Underwood’s “Cry Pretty” tour. Their family’s story comes as a great reminder that God always has a plan far better than His children are capable of dreaming of.

God bless Underwood for sharing her testimony! In other trending news, the lead singer of a Grammy-nominated music group sadly passed away following Parkinson’s Disease complications.