Carrie Underwood’s Vegas Show Co-Stars Her Insanely Toned Legs

Carrie Underwood A photo of her Las Vegas gig was released and it is causing a lot of buzz. She is not about how talented she can be or how angelic her voice is. Not about how she has been going strong for almost twenty years, kicking the music industry’s butt. People have been talking about how toned and muscular her legs look in this Instagram photo. It is truly amazing.

Carrie Underwood is Super Shredded in New Pics

Underwood has been in great shape for years. But can we please talk about her leg-day routine? It is paying off big. While most of the world may skip leg day, it’s clear Underwood doesn’t subscribe to that particular belief. Tabloids love to claim she is addicted to working out, and while that’s absolutely untrue, we can definitely see her dedication to fitness reflected in her perfectly toned legs.

We have to take a moment to praise Underwood for her exercise routine. In a world where legs mostly get ignored, she isn’t playing any games. She looks like she could be a bouncer at her own show and she is fierce in all the right ways.

She is clearly taking the stage in that photo, and you can almost feel her powerful energy just by looking at the post.

Legs for Days

Underwood looks amazing, and we would love for you to see her workout plan on paper. We have a feeling half of us would be exhausted after just one glance. You don’t get legs that powerful without putting in the work.

Underwood is a great example of how to manage a career, a family and her health while remaining true to herself and her beliefs. She seems to be at her highest point in her career, and her physical form. It is clear that she loves every minute of it.

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