Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Allegedly Hit Rough Patch Over Move To Vegas For Residency, Unverified Source Says

It is Carrie Underwood‘s husband, Mike FisherShe is having a hard time keeping up with her fast-paced life. One tabloid claims the “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer’s marriage may be near a breaking point. Let’s check in on the couple.

Carrie Underwood ‘Kicking Mike To The Curb’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports country star Carrie Underwood’s marriage has hit hard times. Since 2010, Underwood has been married for a decade to Mike Fisher, a former NHL hockey player. Her success has only increased over the years. It may be the end of her marriage, as Underwood will now be heading to Vegas for her residency.

“They were doing okay during lockdown, but now that Carrie’s career is back on the fast track, the pressure’s on and it’s making them both irritable,” an insider dishes. “They’ve been bickering and butting heads.” The tipster goes on, “Carrie wants Mike to come to Vegas when she starts her residency. She wants him to look after the kids and be available when she needs support, but he’s a bit jealous and doesn’t like being Mr. Underwood.” As Fisher’s support waivers, Underwood is panicking.

“Now Carrie’s super stressed and feels he’s being unreasonable.” But the source is staying optimistic that the couple will pull through this rough patch. “In all likelihood Mike will give in and follow Carrie wherever she wants because he’s so devoted. But if he doesn’t back down and agree to her demands, this could be the test that finally breaks them.”

Vegas Could ‘Break’ Underwood’s Marriage?

We aren’t buying this report for a second. This story absolutely wouldn’t exist if Carrie Underwood was a man. This tabloid may have a problem with women being the breadwinners, but that doesn’t mean Fisher resents his wife for having a successful career. It’s obvious the tabloid was just projecting its own outdated views on marriage, and Underwood and Fisher have absolutely nothing to do with it.

And it’s outright bizarre to suggest Fisher is mad at his wife for doing exactly what she’s been doing for the 11 years they’ve been married. Fisher might have had a problem when Underwood worked so hard. It would have been obvious sooner. The tabloid chose to shade what is likely to be an exciting time for the family. We can see that the Underwood-Fisher family is doing well, as shown by her sweet Halloween post.

The Tabloid On Carrie Underwood’s Marriage

It’s hard to trust anything the National Enquirer When its past reporting has been inconsistent, Underwood and Fisher said the following about Fisher. The magazine claimed that they were close to divorce last year during quarantine. The magazine claimed that Underwood refused to have more children. A tabloid reported that Underwood was hoping her upcoming residency would save the marriage. Now, the same residency is allegedly ruining her marriage. We aren’t buying it.