Carr Fire Creating Winds Equivalent to EF3 Tornado

August 03, 2018Aug 03, 2018

According to the National Weather Service, reports indicate that a large fire whirl, which occurred Thursday July 26 from the Carr Fire, reached speeds in excess of 143 mph.

According to KRCR TV, the National Weather Service and the Cal Fire Serious Accident Review Team (SART) are conducting a storm damage survey to look into the large fire whirl.

Put simply, a fire whirl is a rotating column of fire induced by intense rising heat and turbulent winds. It can be as violent and cause as much damage as a tornado.

The preliminary reports from the National Weather Service indicate that the fire whirl that occurred July 26 included the collapse of high tension power towers, the uprooting of trees, and the complete removal of tree bark.

More than 3,800 firefighters have been called in to fight the blaze. A total of six people have been killed from the flames, two of which were local firefighters assisting in the efforts to control the monster fire.

The cause of the fire was due to a “mechanical fire of a vehicle” according to Express. It is thought that the malfunctioning vehicle caused sparks that ignited the ground nearby as high heats created a tinderbox-kind of conditions.

High-speed winds caused the fire to spread quickly though the Shasta County area, reaching far behind its point of origination. The fire got its name from the area in which it originated, which was between US Highway 266 and Carr Powerhouse Road.

The Californian steep terrain has made it especially difficult to contain as the blaze continues to spread across the state.

Please pray for the people in harm’s way of the fire. Share your prayers on our Facebook page. In recent news, a man was arrested for threatening Representative Scalise one year after the shooting that inflicted harm on him.