Caroline Stanbury is ‘The Bitch That They Said She Was’

On the rocks. Lesa Milan didn’t mince words when it came to her thoughts on Real Housewives of Dubai Costar Caroline Stanbury

“I know on the show I said Nina [Ali] I was warned by one of my key contacts [Caroline]. She did not use the words ‘ratchet,’ but she definitely said she was trashy along with other things,” Lesa, 33, exclusively revealed on the Thursday, June 21, episode of Us Weekly’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “She’s a mom, I’m a mom and some of the things I just choose not to repeat because why put it out in the universe if it’s possibly not even true, so I’ll spare her for now.”

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The Mina Roe founder revealed that her opinion of Caroline, 46, did not change as she got to know her on the show, saying, “She’s exactly the bitch that they said she was.”

The two had an uncomfortable exchange on a recent episode of the Bravo series after the former Ladies of London star implied that Lesa wanted to be intimate with her fiancé, Sergio Carrallo. They later took their feud to social media where Lesa called Sergio, 27, a “sugar daddy.”

Despite their differences Lesa still wishes the couple, who married in November 2021 all the best.

“I love love, and I love being in love and to be honest, when I’m around them, they seem very happy together,” the Bravo star explained. “I genuinely hope, and I wish her the best. I hope it does last.”

Her castmates include her long-time friend and model, but it seems she might be out with some of them. Chanel Ayan.

“I think they’re all weak,” Lesa told Us. “The only strong cast is me and Ayan to be honest.”

She added, “I think the most surprising friendship would be Nina and Caroline Stanbury because she’s the one that warned me, like ‘Be careful of this woman’ and so to see her a month after warning me becoming besties with this girl, it was a little bit odd. I’m all for making amends, you guys squashed whatever beef you had in the past, but obviously, if you gave me advice, it’s just weird to see it happen and flourish as fast as it did, but Caroline is really attracted to weak women. So, it doesn’t surprise me that she’s gravitating to the weak ones.”

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.