Carmen Electra Reacts to Kim Kardashian Wearing Her ’90s Dress

Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra
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True ’90s kids. Carmen ElectraYou are open to seeing. Kim Kardashian wearing her “daring” backless dress, nearly 25 years after she walked the red carpet in it.

“I saw [it on Instagram]! I love Kim — we worked together in the past — and I think she looked amazing in that dress,” the Baywatch50-year-old alum told Us WeeklyOnly Tuesday, May 17, “I wore that Stephen SprouseI remember dressing up for the MTV Movie Awards 1998, and it was very daring. I think her fashion is always on point and I love that she is inspired by the ’90s.”

The Skims founder, 41, shared a photo last month in which she was wearing a completely backless, white dress with a bustier bodice. Later that day Electra posted a side by side photo of Kardashian and her wearing the cutout gown. “I still have this dress I wore to the mtv movie awards in the 90’s,” she wrote via Instagram in April. “@kimkardashian remade this designer dress and I think it’s flattering not a completion ! I think it’s cool 🤘🏼 shouting out love to the ladies always have !!!!!!!!”

The Playboy alum, who has showcased many of her iconic 1990s ensembles on social media, has always loved fashion — and is eager to show off more of her style with fans via her OnlyFans account, which launched on Wednesday, May 18.

Electra is among many celebrities who joined the platform in recent times, including Larsa PippenAnd Bella Thorne.

“I’m excited to share more about my passions like fashion and beauty with my followers. They’ll get to see a new side to me through photos, videos and one-on-one conversations,” she told UseLearn more about her new project.

The Former MTV Spring Break host continued: “Also, the platform has a great non-profit feature where followers can donate to organizations through creator pages and I’m looking forward to sharing causes that are near and dear to my heart with fans.”

While it’s been 27 years since she first posed for Playboy, she’s just as confident and comfortable in her skin as ever. “I love my body,” the How to be Sexy author said. “It’s important for women and men to love their bodies.” Explaining that her classical ballet training has helped her embrace her body, Electra added, “Being comfortable in your own skin is key!”


Carmen Electra Kim Kardashian Looked Amazing My 90s Backless Dress

Carmen Electra.
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The Scary Movie star’s comfort in her body came in handy when she joined the cast of Baywatch1997 “Baywatch was such a fun time in my life,” Electra said, before sharing her excitement for Baywatch: The DocumentaryThe book, slated to be released on July 4, is called “The Book of the Month”. “Getting to talk about it in full was a really neat experience. I think fans are going to love it since there are so many things fans didn’t know that went on behind the scenes.”

She continued: “We actually shot the documentary during Covid, so we all did our interviews in different locations. I’m excited to see the final product because we all have so much information to share that might not be out there yet.”

The documentary is only one of many projects that the former has undertaken. Singled OutPresently, host is working on. “I love doing movies and series. There are some scripts I’m actually reading right now, but I’m just waiting for the right project,” Electra told Use. “[And]Other than my new OnlyFans, we have some really exciting things in the pipeline. You will just have to watch and wait! I recently hosted NBC’s Domino Master and had some much fun doing it!”

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