Cardi B Says Her 4-Month-Old Son Is Already Talking! [VIDEO]

Cardi B Says Her 4-Month-Old Son Is Already Talking!


Cardi BOne proud mama! The rapper, who is 29 years old, claims that her son, aged four months, is already talking.  On Wednesday, Jan. 5, she posted a remarkable milestone to her Instagram Story. Cardi B shared,

“I’m not exaggerating, this baby is talking. This is my prayer for all those I love, in the name Jesus Christ. First, my husband [Offset] saw it yesterday”

Cardi continued to elaborate on the details.

“I was like, ‘You love mommy, yeah?’ And then I asked him again, ‘You love mommy?’ And he replied back, like, ‘Yeah.’ Not even like [baby sound]. It was like, ‘Yeah.’”

Cardi B, Offset


She continues to tell us about another example of her 4-month old talking, which occurred just this morning (Jan. 5).

“Just now, he’s watching Cocomelon and they’re singing “If you’re happy and you know it, say hello”, and he says “hello”… Yo, this is crazy. I don’t know if that’s like the pandemic thing or I don’t know if this is normal. This s**t is crazy.”

Cardi BThe mother then turns to her son, who is not on camera, and says

“Yo, you talkingAnd you just turned four months today. You talking for real.”  


Cardi B and OffsetTheir baby boy was welcomed on Sept. 4, Their adorable videos and photos of their daughter are amazing! KultureThe couple are now three years old and have decided to keep their baby boy from the spotlight, keeping his name and face a mystery to the general public.

Cardi B, Offset, Kulture


What are your thoughts? If you’re a parent, at what age did your child start talking? Comment below to let us know!