Dad Finds Disgusting Thing in Toddler's Capri Sun, You Won't Believe How Capri Sun Responded

October 12, 2018Oct 12, 2018

Capri Sun is one of the most popular kid's drinks of all time. The delicious juice comes in a fun pouch that customers have to puncture with their straw. Most adults remember growing up with the drink.

However, one dad is less impressed with the company after what he just found in his son's beverage. According to reports, mold was growing inside the drink that Cameron Hardwick was about to feed to his toddler!

"Hardwick said he found an “unknown” substance floating around in a pouch of Capri Sun that he intended to give to his 3-year-old son. As he cut the top of the pouch and poured the juice box into a cup on video, viewers can clearly an icky-looking substance floating in the juice," reported Simple Most.

Hardwick took to social media to write about his findings. However, many people were shocked by the response from Capri Sun when they heard of the incident.

"Capri Sun, which is owned by Kraft Foods, addressed mold issues on their website. The company said the substance that can be found in its drinks 'a common, naturally occurring food mold.' They went on to say the mold can grow inside containers of preservative-free drinks when the pouch is punctured or damaged in transportation to grocery stores. They also noted that it’s 'rare' for this to happen. The company has made the bottoms of the drink pouches clear, so that customers can check for this naturally occurring food mold before drinking it. It encouraged any concerned customers to call with questions at 1-800-227-7478," according to Simple Most.

This news is a big warning to a lot of parents. Many were unaware of this potential threat to their child's health. The company says parents should gently squeeze their punches before serving them.

“We care deeply about this issue and about the well-being of our moms, dads and kids,” the Capri Sun website reads. “That’s why we have invested millions of dollars in our packaging, quality and manufacturing processes to make our pouches even stronger and more resistant to air leaks. We value your feedback as it helps us improve our processes and products."

What do you think about the response from Capri Sun? Are you going to still serve this to your child?

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