Cannabis Industry Poured Millions Into Legalization Ballot Measures In 4 States

The marijuana industry Advocates have poured in more than $9.8 million Since 2021, there have been ballot measure battles to legalize marijuana recreationally in Arkansas, Missouri North Dakota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

President Donald Trump’s evidence shows that the U.S. legalization landscape for cannabis is rapidly changing. Joe Biden’s federal pardons For people convicted of marijuana possession, a citation was issued on October 6. There is currently no legalization for marijuana possession. no one in federal prison solely for the simple possession of marijuana, the announcement is a step toward honoring Biden’s campaign promise To decriminalize marijuana remove Barriers to employment and housing for thousands of people who were convicted of a felony. The president pledged To ask governors to take similar actions at the state level.

Nineteen states, 2 territories, and the District of Columbia have all already been included. legalized recreational marijuana Adults over 21 and voters in five states In the November general election, will be considering ballot measures to legalize or decriminalize marijuana use.

According to OpenSecrets, committees supporting 2022 ballot measures for legalizing recreational marijuana have raised more than $4 million in Arkansas, $4.9million in Missouri, $551,000.400 in North Dakota, $324,800, and $551,000.00 in North Dakota. data. Arkansas has two megadonors who have funded two additional committees that have raised $2 million to fight legalization of marijuana.

Maryland voters will also consider a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana. However, the two committees supporting it will not be considered. Amendment 4 As of Oct. 11, had not filed reports with secretary of state. The Washington Post did report A $50,000 contribution to the Yes on 4 The MD Can 22 committee that supports this measure runs the ballot measure campaign. Recent Washington Post and University of Maryland poll A majority of Maryland voters intend to support the amendment on November 8.

Missouri and Arkansas Marijuana Industry Boosts Committee Supporting Legalization

Voters approved Arkansas Medical Marijuana AmendmentDuring the 2016 election, it allowed seriously ill patients to legally obtain and use marijuana with doctor approval. Now Issue 4The Arkansas Adult Use Cannabis Amendment (also known as the Arkansas Adult Use Cannabis Amendment) could allow for the recreational cultivation and sale of marijuana in licensed commercial facilities.

Responsible Growth Arkansas The state reported that it had raised over $4 million to support the ballot initiative as of Oct. 11. The state’s first five cannabis cultivators – companies licensed to grow and distribute cannabis to dispensaries – contributed Responsible Growth Arkansas has donated more than $3 million since November 2021.

One of the original five cultivators. Osage Creek Cultivation LLC, gave $800,000, the committee’s largest contribution. Responsible Growth Arkansas also received $700,000. BOLD Team$700,000 Good Day Farm Arkansas, $400,000 from Natural State Medicinal Group, and $435,000 DMCC LLCRevolution Cannabis is owned and operated by, These sums include the initial $350,000 each for these five cultivators contributed Last year, the committee was launched.

Responsible Growth Arkansas received $50,000 from several dispensaries. Acanza Medical marijuana dispensaries Source Cannabis Rock City Harvest.

Eddie Armstrong, who is the chair of Responsible Growth Arkansas and a former Democratic Party member, is the chair. state legislator current CEO Cannabis Capital Group. His company consults with groups looking to obtain industry licenses. Arkansas Times reported.

Responsible Growth Arkansas – which did not return requests for comment from OpenSecrets – highlights the economic benefits of cannabis legalization as part of its effort to rally support for the ballot measure. The committee commissioned a study Arkansas Economic Development Institute forecasts a nearly $2.4 Billion increase in state GDP and 6,400 additional jobs over the next five-years if the voters approve legalizing marijuana.

“A vote for Issue 4 is a vote to support our police,” one Responsible Growth Arkansas video states. The ad addresses criticisms made by Safe and Secure Communities, which has raised Over $2 million was spent to oppose the ballot measure.

“[T]he societal costs of legalized drugs far outweigh the revenue marijuana sales bring,” Safe and Secure Communities’ website states. It also calls out the “marijuana industry that ​​profits from an addictive substance.” The National Institute of Health says cannabis “dependence” is more accurate.

Little Rock poultry mogul Ronald Cameron contributed Nearly $1.3 Million was donated to Safe and Secure Communities committee. GOP megadonor Richard UihleinFounder of the shipping supply firm ULINEAn additional $750,000 was contributed to by,

Cameron also contributed $78,600 to the Family Council Action Committee, a conservative 501(4) group. advocates for “traditional family values in the political arena” and is also opposing the measure.

Family Council Action Committee focuses primarily on grassroots engagement to oppose the marijuana legalization vote measure. Assistant Director David Cox stated in an email that OpenSecrets’s Assistant Director David Cox said that the Family Council Action Committee was primarily focused upon grassroots engagement prior to the Nov. 8. 8 vote. He added that over 260 volunteers had distributed hundreds and thousands of flyers throughout Arkansas.

Supporting the campaign was also the support of the marijuana industry, who contributed to a ballot measure that would remove state prohibitions against the possession, consumption, and sale marijuana for adults over 21.

Missourians voted legalize During the 2018 election cycle, medical marijuana was legalized in the state. Voters can vote to repeal or maintain prohibitions on adult-use recreational cannabis in the state. This November Amendment 3Missouri will have on the ballot the amendment to the state constitution to repeal existing prohibitions. The amendment would also allow people with “marijuana-related non-violent offenses” to petition for release from prison, expunging their records.

Legal Missouri 2022 – a committee funded in part by dispensaries and other marijuana industry groups – has raised $4.9 million to support Amendment 3. OpenSecrets tracks $365,000 as the largest contribution towards Legal Missouri 2022. New Growth Horizon LLCThe nonprofit arm You can find the medical marijuana Proper brands for company

No committees reported raising money to oppose Missouri’s Amendment 3 or Initiated Measure 27South Dakota’s ballot measure to legalize marijuana possession, distribution, use, and consumption.

Advocacy groups lead Marijuana Legalization Campaigns for North and South Dakota

One group, South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws?, has raised over $324,000 this election cycle supporting Initiated Measure 27 in the state’s second attempt to legalize cannabis use by adults over 21.

South Dakota voters approved In 2020, ballot measures will be introduced to legalize medical marijuana and recreational marijuana use by adults over 21. Governor Kristi Noem (R) Filed as lawsuit That overturned Amendment A, the ballot measure legalizing adult recreational marijuana use, is back on the ballot.

Initiated Measure 27 is “a shorter, simpler version” of Amendment A, Matthew Schweich, the campaign manager of South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws, told OpenSecrets in an interview.

“We wrote a very short and simple statutory initiative that we felt had the lowest chance of being taken to court on a single subject challenge,” Schweich said, adding his team was working to “restore the will of the people” in South Dakota who voted to legalize recreational marijuana in 2020.

Schweich is also the deputy Director of the Marijuana Policy Project. advocates For the repeal of cannabis prohibitions. South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws in-kind contributions Valued at $74,000 Marijuana Policy Project This election cycle. Schweich told OpenSecrets that total includes his labor and that of the Marijuana Policy Project’s campaigns coordinatorJared Moffat is responsible for overseeing the campaigns in both North Dakota, and South Dakota for ballot measures.

South Dakotans For Better Marijuana Laws Received an Additional $68,400 in 2022 New Approach Advocacy Fund, a D.C.-based group that supports state campaigns for legalization of cannabis and psychedelic therapies.

A 527 nonprofit Associated with the group New Approach PACSouth Dakotans For Better Marijuana Laws has received an additional $20,000 from the PAC. New Approach PAC previously gave Nearly $1.9 million was spent to support cannabis legalization in South Dakota, when it was on the 2020 ballot.

New Approach North Dakota, a campaigning committee legalize adult-use marijuana In the Flickertail state, reported raising over $551,000. Healthy and Productive ND, a North Dakota committee opposing the ballot measure, was registered on Oct. 5, and has not been removed. reported Any money can be raised starting Oct. 11.

New Approach North Dakota raised nearly $307,000 through in-kind contributions from New Approach Advocacy Fund. Nearly $61,000 came from the Marijuana Policy Project.

“We tend to go where we’re needed,” Schweich told OpenSecrets when asked about the Marijuana Policy Project’s strategy, noting there is a “fairly well-developed medical cannabis industry” supporting ballot measure campaigns in Arkansas and Missouri.