Beloved Star from 'All My Children' Passes Away After Intense Illness

February 05, 2019Feb 05, 2019

The sad news was just confirmed that beloved actress Candice Earley has passed away. The “All My Children” star died after a long health battle.

Earley was 68-years-old at the time of her death. According to reports, she died at her home surrounded by her loved ones.

Candice had suffered for the past 8 years from Multiple Systems Atrophy. According to the Mayo Clinic, MSA is a “rare, degenerative neurological disorder affecting your body’s involuntary (autonomic) functions, including blood pressure, breathing, bladder function, and muscle control.”

Now, many fans around the nation are mourning the loss of Candice. She won fans over when she starred for 18 years on the popular show “All My Children.” Additionally, she acted on Broadway in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Grease,” and “South Pacific.”

Following her acting career, Candice moved to Arkansas for retirement. Sadly, she has been undergoing extreme health battles for the last several years.

Candice is survived by her husband, Robert C. Nolan. Please be praying for him and the rest of their family during this sad time. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, Pastor Paula White just backed up Sarah Sanders' recent statement that many people argued over.

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