Candace Owens Takes on Ellen Show, Says She's Been Stalked and Harassed by Producers

June 13, 2018Jun 13, 2018

Conservative commentator Candace Owens rose to prominence in the last few months. She's forwarded the conservative cause, and her work at Turning Point caught the attention of people like Kanye West and President Trump.

Unfortunately, it's also caught the attention of the producers of The Ellen Show. Owens says they have "stalked and insulted her repeatedly."

The latest altercation started when Owens tweeted about Judge Jeanine Pirro. She wrote that she thought Pirro should have been the attorney general because "people would be in jail by now."

She added, "That woman is a powerhouse."

The executive producer of the Ellen Show, Ed Glavin, took offense at her statement. He sent a reply tweet, asking her if she can actually be "this stupid."

Candace Owens wasn't going to take the comment lying down. She sent out a scathing tweet, tagging The Ellen Show directly.

She wrote, "One of the most bizarre things about my twitter life is how regularly I am stalked and insulted by @TheEllenShow producers."

She pointed out how ironic the cyberbullying was given Ellen's positions on bullying, saying, "This is a woman who regularly champions bullying as one of her biggest societal concerns."

She fired off a final shot: "Don’t ever forget that liberals are frauds."

Glavin responded with a half-hearted apology. He claimed he wasn't being "sarcastic."

Owens wasn't having any of it. She recognized that it was a "tongue in cheek" apology.

She wrote, "While I appreciate this tongue-in-cheek apology... you and @andylassner (another @TheEllenShow producer) regularly stalk and harass Trump supporters online. I’m not complaining— just find that it expertly points to the hypocrisy of the “heartfelt” show you produce."

She took one final shot before letting the topic rest. She pointed out the hypocrisy of the producers.

She wrote, "The reason Trump won is because of people like you. People who lay claim to the moral high ground while viciously attacking, name-calling, and silencing those who simply hold different ideas."

As her final mic drop, she said, "Your astounding hypocrisy fuels the #MAGA movement."

Conservatives on Twitter turned out in support of Candace. They made it clear that they were on her side and that they recognized the hypocrisy.

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