Candace Owens Scorches ‘Overprivileged Athletes’ In Masterful Tweet, Says What All Patriotic Americans Are Thinking

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June 05, 2018Jun 05, 2018

Candace Owens, has emerged as a major voice on the right. She is a conservative free-thinker who has been has been re-tweeted by the likes of President Trump, his sons, and political pundits from all sides of the political spectrum.

Owens burst onto the public’s radar when rap superstar Kanye West pointed his large fan base towards her as he stood up for his beliefs and embraced the fact that he is pro-Trump.

With her emerging platform, Owens has not been shy about calling out the entitlement and hypocrisy of the mainstream media, Hollywood personalities, and professional athletes who use their fame to attack the president and his supporters.

President Trump recently revoked his White House invitation to the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles due to the national anthem kneeling scandals that have plagued the NFL. When famous basketball player, LeBron James heard about president Trump rescinding his invitation, he used that as another reason to attack the president.

In light of LeBron’s remarks, Owens went after him and all other anti-Trump athletes in a series of scorching tweets that show just how our of touch they are with real, down-to-earth, honest, hardworking Americans.

Owens showed the entitled athletes that they are not brave for parroting their own anti-Trump narratives. Instead, the men and women who have sacrificed everything including their lives in defense and service to our country are the true heroes!

Candace Owens is a staunch supporter of president Trump and his mission to Make America Great Again. Recently she shared a photo of herself and president Trump in the oval office.