FFA EXCLUSIVE: Candace Cameron Bure Shares Powerful Message About Jesus & the Bible, Words Every Christian Should Hear

June 07, 2018Jun 07, 2018

Actress Candace Cameron Bure, best known for her starring role as DJ (Tanner) Fuller on “Fuller House” and her appearances on the Hallmark channel, is a hit with her fans on the screen. But off the screen, Bure captivates audiences with her Christ-centered work including her many best-selling Christian books.

Her latest book project, “Kind is the New Classy,” emphasizes an important Biblical theme of displaying kindness in our world — even at the most difficult of times. As Christians facing criticism, temptations, and trials, how can we accomplish this?

Faith Family America writer Alex Olsen dove deeper into the purpose behind Bure’s book in a recent exclusive interview with the actress. During the interview, Bure shared very powerful messages about who Jesus is and the significance of the Bible — words that every Christian could benefit from.  

Q: So, Candace what inspired you to write this book and how did your faith in God play a role in your decision?

“It really stemmed from my time co-hosting ‘The View’ and being in a position where I was talking daily about political and social issues and having conversations with people that I knew wouldn’t always agree with my viewpoints,” Bure said. “And through that time and experience and talking with people in my daily life and looking online...it really got me thinking about kindness.”

“In so many different areas of life, I feel like civil discourse is kind of a lost art; we’ve lost [recognizing] that we can talk with people kindly, respectfully, with courtesy, and we don’t have to agree with them,” she added. “And I wanted to put the spotlight back on kindness and focus on that again. I hope this book has done good a job [at that].”

“My faith in God and my Christian walk is the foundation of who I am,” she continued with explaining her reasoning behind the book. “The greatest example of kindness and love that we have in the world is Jesus. That was really the thread that was weaved throughout the book. It really does go back to looking at Jesus and his characteristics and how he displayed those and how we can in turn walk that in our lives today and make him and his ways the focus.”

It’s no secret that Bure has no shame in sharing her faith. “Kind is the New Classy” is filled with scripture. According to Bure herself, scripture is one piece of evidence that best supports the concept of kindness.

“I pull truth from the Bible,” she assured.

Q: Your book touches on several times you faced criticism for your Christian beliefs. Did you ever feel heated inside during those times and how did you process those emotions?

“Of course. Even though I’m writing a book on kindness, it doesn’t mean that I don’t get emotional about things, it doesn’t mean that conversations or comments can at times rile me up and even be hurtful or challenging — all of those things I face,” the actress opened up. “It’s whether or not I chose to act on the emotions or let the emotions or the frustration or anger or whatever I’m feeling at that moment get the best of me. I try my best daily to not let those things get the best of me but instead to choose kindness and choose to be respectful. It’s not always easy. It’s something that I choose to do every day and try my best to, I sometimes fail at it.”

In the book, Bure noted that scripture is one of many ways that she deals with these kinds of emotions. To read about some of Bure’s favorite Bible verses, her love language, and more, please check out our other exclusive article here.

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