Candace Defends Kirk Cameron's Advice When He's Criticized On 'The View'

May 01, 2016May 01, 2016

Christian actor and evangelist Kirk Cameron recently gave some parenting advice that irked the liberal co-hosts on "The View."

His advice? Parents shouldn't argue in front of their children because they'll end up following the same pattern when they get married.

Kirk's sister and co-host on "The View," Candace Cameron Bure, quickly piped up to defend her brother.

"[Kirk] has been married for 26 years. He has six children. And they have a wonderful marriage. So he leads conferences to build up the family, talk to husbands, talk to wives, talk about parenting. Of course [the media] takes headlines out and try to...pull them out of context. Which I don't think they really did, but when you only hear a snippet of things, it sounds a little different."

"But do you agree with [what he said]?" one of her co-hosts asked.

"Well, yes, to an extent. My husband and I don't really bicker — I mean, not yelling. But we disagree all the time, and when we get to that point, we do take it into the other room. It's not to pretend like everything is happy all the time in front of the kids."

But her liberal co-hosts said in their own experiences children can get confused when they never see their parents fighting yet their parents suddenly get divorced "out of the blue."

Do you think Candace has the right idea?