Fans Elated After Candace Cameron Bure Makes Big Statement About New Opening on 'The View'

August 07, 2018Aug 07, 2018

One of the biggest stars from the past few generations has been Candace Cameron Bure. She has been an amazing and talented actress who has also stood her ground for God and morals while in Hollywood.

She also used to appear on "The View" as a conservative host to balance out the liberals. Now, she is opening up about the show and how she thinks they need another conservative on the panel.

“It’s definitely less stressful not commuting back and forth every week to ‘The View,’” she told Fox News at Hallmark’s Summer TCA party at a residence in Beverly Hills. “I watch it now and then because I am actually at work during the time that it’s on, so sometimes I’ll catch clips on Facebook or something, but I read the news. I am so happy for Sara [Haines] that she has her own slot with Michael [Strahan] now on ‘GMA.’ That’s fantastic. And Paula [Faris] is moving on as well. So I am curious to see who fills that conservative seat," said Candace.

She also commented on how she thinks it needs to be run and how they need to be fair and balance out the differing opinions.

“I really hope that it is a conservative seat because I think it will balance out that table,” she advised. “They need more than one conservative so I really hope it’s a conservative," she said.

What do you think about the show? Do you agree with Candace? Do you even watch the program? Fans have loved Candace for years and especially enjoyed her strong stances and conservative values on the show.

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