Candace Cameron: STOP Judging My Family's Faith

March 18, 2016Mar 18, 2016

Candace Cameron Bure is a popular Christian actress in Hollywood. She co-hosts on The View, giving a very faith-based and conservative voice to the often liberal conversation. She has stood for everything from creationism to abstinence. 


Bure originally won hearts on the hit show Full House, decades ago. Now the show has reprised itself as Fuller House, and the new, more racy plot lines have fans criticizing Bure for selling out.  Followers on her Instagram account have taken every opportunity to voice their thoughts on her and her family's faith: some heavily criticizing it and others condemning the haters.

But Bure isn't happy with either side of the debate. In a recent post, she asks that the bickering and judging stop once and for all. 


"This is getting ridiculous!! STOP having religious debates about me and my family on my comments thread after EVERY single photo I post when they have nothing to do with the picture!" Bure pleaded.  

"If someone makes a rude or negative comment, ignore it! You're feeding and driving the negativity. This is NOT productive or respectful conversation. And I'm talking to BOTH sides! It's getting old and downright ugly. This does not represent Jesus well. Let's encourage one another as well as take the debates to a private page. Please and thank you."

Fortunately, most of her followers responded well, resonating with her statement. What would you do if you were in her shoes, and so many people were judging your every move, commenting so publicly and freely? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!