Candace Cameron's Advice On How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

November 30, 2015Nov 30, 2015

How do you talk to your kids about sex? It's like they say: If you don't talk to them first, someone else will.  And in today's culture, you might not like what they're saying.

Candace Cameron Bure, an outspoken Christian co-host on the predominantly liberal show 'The View,' shares what she does with her 3 kids. Daughter Natasha, 17, and sons Lev, 15, and Maksim, 13 attended Christian school for a while, but then transferred to public school.


The View talked about sex-ed in school because of a hot topic issue of a updated curriculum in Omaha, Nebraska that had parents upset.  "My daughter had told me that when she went through the class, there were things that she was very uncomfortable [with] and thought were thought were inappropriate and a lot of that is the discretion of the teacher, of how they teach, 'cause of them implementing personal opinion that she felt crossed the line," Candace shared.

But Candace looks at it as a positive thing, because it opened the door for her to be able to talk with and teach her children. "But it opened up this wonderful discussion at home and we're very open about it at home," she explained. "I do want them to be in that class because I want them to learn all perspectives, but I also think it's important to realize that you have a right, as a parent, to opt out if you want," said Cameron Bure.

So, the main message to parents is: Keep control of the conversation about sex with your kids. If you don't want them to hear information you don't agree with in school, take control of that! But if you want them to be able to hear what's being said in the public arena--and also know the truth of what the Bible teaches--be sure you have open dialogue with them.

Do you agree with Cameron Bure? In this culture of 'anything goes', how would you teach your kids about sex? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! We love to hear from you!