Candace Cameron Reflects On 1st Year As ‘View’ Host, REVEALS Her Biggest Challenge

June 06, 2016Jun 06, 2016

Candace Cameron joined the hostile liberal platform ‘The View’ in 2015 and has been holding her own as the only conservative voice amidst the panel of angry progressive women.


“I realize sometimes I am the long conservative or lone Republican sitting at the table somedays,” Cameron said in a Fox interview as she reflected on her 1st year as co-host. “And somedays it’s hard to not have backup but we are all there to share our opinions and I think that’s one thing about me, I don’t get hot headed.”

It is a minor miracle in itself that Candace doesn’t get hot headed when being outnumbered and made to listen to the ridiculous statements that are thrown her way.

“I believe in what I believe but I love being open and listening to others and it doesn’t matter to me at the end of the day whether we agree or not,” Candace said. “I always being in healthy conversation, and that’s what I always try to bring to the table. I don’t get overly impassioned or angry with someone who doesn’t agree with me, that’s just my personality.”

Thankfully Candace is such a strong woman of principal and faith and it continues to be refreshing to have her voice heard on the show. Do you agree?