Candace Cameron Opens Up About The Surprising Reason For Her Eating Disorder

May 05, 2016May 05, 2016

It's not uncommon for a Hollywood actress to struggle with an eating disorder. Often, the pressure to look a certain way--both for public approval and to get roles--is so overwhelming that women starve themselves or throw up their food. It can also be a way to feel in control of your life, when you don't really feel in control otherwise.


But Candace Cameron Bure surprisingly didn't get her eating disorder in Hollywood, reports The Christian Post. She got it while on a break from acting. She explained about it while speaking at an event to help others recover, on Eating Disorder Recovery day. After she and her husband Valeri got married, she moved to Canada with him to support his hockey career. "The change of having worked since I was 5 years old to now becoming a wife and soon-to-be mom, and living in a city where I didn't have family and friends around me, I kind of lost the sense of who I was," Bure shared.

Candace's husband would often be on the road for hockey, so she would be home alone a lot. "I sat lonely so many nights not knowing what to do with myself," she explained. "But there was always one friend that was always there, that was so readily available anytime I wanted, and that for me was food."

But after eating so much, Bure would feel bad, so she would throw it up. At first, her dad found out, and she tried to stop to please him. But it didn't work. Bure shares, "I got caught back in this embarrassing cycle and it was even more furious than the first time."

Bure then knew that she needed others to help her recover. "I knew I had to seek help from others, and it wasn't just something I could do on my own." Along with the help from others, God helped her recover. She shared on Instagram, "I found strength and my path to eating disorder recovery through my faith."


We applaud Candace for coming out with her story! We pray many will be helped by it! Do you agree?