Candace Cameron Has Different Response to Behar’s Pence ‘Mental Illness” Remark

February 15, 2018Feb 15, 2018

It started with Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former President Trump administration aide who sounded off on the reality TV show “Big Brother” about how Vice President Mike Pence’s “extreme” religious devotion scared her because he “thinks Jesus tells him to say things.”

Then co-host Joy Behar remarked on what Omarosa said on “The View,” saying, “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness if I’m not correct, hearing voices.”

She also jokingly asked if Pence is allowed to “talk to Mary Magdalene without his wife in the room.” Behar did later retract her comment on Pence being mentally ill after another guest explained that Christianity is a two-way relationship where believers do communicate with Christ through prayer.

But her initial comment was yet another example of Behar’s increasing penchant for mocking Christians and conservatives on a discussion panel that is originally created to represent a wide range of women’s views. Pence, Dallas First Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jeffress, and evangelist Franklin Graham all responded to Behar’s comments.

Pence found it a shame that an ABC show would mock a mainstream religion like that when “the vast majority of American people...cherish their faith.” Jeffress, who also serves as President Trump’s faith adviser, warned Behar that the more she attacks Christians, the more Christians will want to re-elect Trump and later elect Pence to be president. Graham praised Pence for being public about his faith.

But Candace Cameron Bure, a former co-host on “The View” who often represented a Christian point of view, had a different take. She shared her thoughts during an interview with Faithwire.

Candace, a “Full House” and “Fuller House” actress who is also the sister of Kirk Cameron, told Faithwire that, “My initial reaction was that it was a tone-deaf comment, but not a surprising one from someone who isn’t a believer.”

“It was important for me to watch that entire clip and not just pull the one thing out that Joy said … there are many people who think the way that Joy does when they aren’t believers,” she continued.

Candace explained, “It was a tone-deaf comment, also an ignorant one, but you can’t blame her. [For] someone who has no concept of the Holy Spirit, I think that that is a logical response to them.”

She added that if she was still on that discussion panel, she would have spoken up and clarified that “there’s a difference when someone claims, ‘Oh, Jesus talked to me’ or ‘I’m listening to the Holy Spirit.'”

Candace pointed out that the focus shouldn’t be entirely on Behar since Omarosa made the initial comments questioning the intensity of Pence’s faith. Candace left “The View” in 2017 because she was tired of having to travel coast-to-coast every week to participate in the discussion panel, act in “Fuller House,” and spend time with her husband and three children, according to People.

As for if she missing being on “The View,” she said, “Thank goodness I’m not at that table anymore. I honestly love everyone who’s at that table … It’s heated. It’s a hard job. I’m glad I’m not doing.”

Watch the controversial segment on “The View” below:

What do you think of Candace’s response? In other news, a second school shooting appeared to be in the making this week when grandmother found some disturbing messages and notified authorities before anything could happen.

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