Candace Cameron Got THIS Abortion Confession Out Of Hillary Clinton

April 12, 2016Apr 12, 2016


"Of course you can be a feminist and be Pro-life." That's what Candace Cameron Bure got Hillary Clinton to admit on a recent episode of The View. But under Clinton and her party's definitions of Pro-life, how can that be? You see, democrats have sold their argument of "Women's Heath" and Pro-Choice on the notion that to not give women the option to kill their babies is simply against women's health and freedom. And that, they preach, is simply anti-feminist.

In fact, liberals want to re-name Pro-life to be Anti-choice. So how then can Hillary say it's possible to be both Anti-choice and a feminist? But Clinton has to win the women's vote--both Pro-choicers and Pro-lifers. So she says what hopefully appeals to most people, regardless of its contradiction. Here, you can watch the exchange:

This targeted questioning comes after Clinton's recent remarks that a baby should be allowed to be aborted *on its due date*. The horror of that thought can't be expressed. We need to pray and do everything we can to see that Clinton's abortion policy plan does not come into effect. We fear how God would have to judge America if that were to happen. The current state of atrocities against babies are already too much. Do you agree?