Candace Cameron Fires Back At Liberal Intolerance With EPIC Response

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March 29, 2016Mar 29, 2016

Candace Cameron Bure is always outnumbered while appearing on “The View.”  The ultra-liberal show consistently makes it a point to drag Christians and other people of faith down into the muck.

The scene was no different on Monday when co-host Michelle Collins played up the National Enquirer article alleging that Ted Cruz had extra-marital affairs with 5 separate women. 

The View stooped to the levels of the tabloid magazine by portraying the article as a credible piece of journalism.  Collins also openly admitted that she hoped that the article was true because as she said, Ted Cruz lives “by a crazy moral code” and that she wants to see him fall.

Never one to shy away from fighting liberal intolerance, Cameron fired back. “Crazy moral code?! He lives by Christian values.”

Collins doubled down and reiterated her hopes that she wishes the National Enquirer article were true because it would be “satisfying” to her if Cruz were a cheater.

“Michelle, I love you but I am so disagreeing with you,” Candace responded. “I don’t find satisfaction in seeing anyone be ruined. I want to believe the best in people. I always want to hope and root for people.”

Why “The View” is still on air is a question that will continue to be asked.  If nothing else, it is a good measuring stick for how intolerant liberals and progressives can be and how much persecution Christians face in today’s society.  At least Candace Cameron is willing to stand up for her beliefs despite being severely outnumbered.