Candace Cameron Bure: Why I'm Still On 'The View'

February 15, 2016Feb 15, 2016

Some fans of Candace Cameron Bure may wonder why a Christian and political conservative like her could stand being on "The View" every day surrounded by liberal cohosts.


But in an interview with Yahoo Celebrity, Candace says she enjoys being on the TV show because “It’s such a new experience for me to be a cohost and be voicing my own personal opinions as opposed to being an actress.”

She acknowledges that "the show can be very polarizing, [but] being conservative and being a Christian, those aren’t the only facets to me. I know the producers knew that, [and that’s] why they continued to ask me to be on the show."

But do the producers try to temper her beliefs?

Candace says, "I think that sometimes things I do and say are surprising to people, but listen, I would never have agreed to do the show if they tried to pigeonhole me in any way, or force me to only come off as a certain way. They are all my opinions and I’m not told to be more conservative or told to talk about a certain thing more or less. I really just come at it with exactly how I feel and where I’m at with it. So it’s good, it’s comfortable.”

But even if it's comfortable for her, it's certainly not a comfort zone every one of us would be bold enough to share. Candace frequently speaks up when she differs with her well-known cohosts, like this clash with Whoopi Goldberg over Planned Parenthood and this one with Joy Behar over creationism and intelligent design.