Candace Cameron Bure Weighs in on Matt Lauer Scandal

November 30, 2017Nov 30, 2017

The American public has been rocked by numerous scandals recently. Over the past few weeks, many high-profile figures have been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.

On Wednesday, one of the most famous news anchors in America was terminated. Matt Lauer has been fired from the Today Show after numerous women revealed the harassment they endured from Lauer over the years.

Now, Candace Cameron Bure is speaking out about sexual harassment and her experiences in Hollywood. She also opened up about the talks she has with her own children and how she is trying to prepare them for success in their careers, and in life.

"My daughter is in the industry so those are conversations that we have and really that I've been having with my children since they were young because that's what parenting is about and helping them be secure with who they are and having moral boundaries and knowing what's right and what's wrong and what's appropriate for people to ask of you and not and not to be afraid to speak out," she explained to E! News. "As a mom, the only other thing you can do is pray."

She later went on to say she is shocked by the Lauer scandal. Candace also expressed her amazement at the courage these victims have to tell their story and do the right thing.

"I can't imagine. It's horrific listening to all the stories," she explained. "Thinking about what so many women have gone through and the courage they have to come out as well. I'm glad it's all being exposed and I hope that we can eventually put an end to it."

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