Candace Cameron Bure Walks Off Set -- After Whoopi Says What?

January 19, 2016Jan 19, 2016

Candace Cameron Bure is a star who has is strong about expressing her Christian faith.  She has starred in TV's "Full House" and in many TV shows and movies, and she is a regular on TV's daily show "The View."

On today's "The View", there was a short but heated exchange when Whoopi Goldberg had been talking at length about the lack of minority actors in the Oscars. Candace Cameron Bure was moving the conversation along to a different topic, when Whoopi suddenly turned on her.

According to Fox News, Whoopi said "something harsh" to Candace. It was something like "you talk about God every day today we're talking about movies." Candace is outspoken in defending her faith, as the only committed Christian regularly on the show. When they went to commercial break and came back, Candace was missing and stayed off the rest of the show.

What was the official explanation? Candace said she had the flu.

Whoopi said Candace had been not feeling well and decided to take off at just that moment. But as one viewer put it, "WOW Whoopi! Could you have been any more rude towards Candice?"