Candace Cameron Bure Stuns in Gorgeous White Dress at The Oscars

March 05, 2018Mar 05, 2018

The 90th annual Academy Awards ceremony took place in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, March 4th. The Oscars, which was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, was filled with a number of notable red carpet moments.

One memorable moment involved “Fuller House” actress Candace Cameron Bure, outspoken conservative Christian. She made headlines for her gorgeous attire at the annual awards ceremony, stunning viewers in her gorgeous, long white dress.

Her ensemble was accompanied with gold accents — shoes, clutch, and jewelry — and a uniquely braided updo. See the photos from Bure’s social media below:    

Several fans commented on Bure’s posts admiring her stunning outfit. Many users appreciated her “classy” and “modest” look compared to some of the other stars that walked the red carpet that evening.

“A combination of modesty, femininity and class,” one user wrote.

Another user said, "Wow!! Not only beautiful because you are wearing this dress; but very tastefully designed!! Other celebrities could learn a thing or two!! Way to go!!”

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