Candace Cameron Bure Praised for Being Unashamed of Her Faith

August 10, 2017Aug 10, 2017

Candace Cameron Bure, actress best known for her role as DJ in “Full House” and “Fuller House”, is very well known for her Christian faith. She unashamedly shares her love for God and opinions regarding conservative Christian values frequently on social media and in other media appearances.

Previously, Bure has received criticism and outrage for her outspoken belief in Jesus Christ, especially when she was formerly the only spokesperson for conservative beliefs as a host on “The View”. Recently, the actress was also verbally attacked online after she posted a picture of her wearing a “Not Today Satan” T-shirt earlier this year.


In August of 2017, Bure posted another picture on Instagram honoring our Lord and Savior. While cast members of the “Fuller House” show were filming in Tokyo, Japan, Bure captured a beautiful moment while expressing the significance of prayer.

The picture shows her with praying hands. She captioned the photo, “Prayer always #Tokyo #Japan #Jesus.”

In response, fans praised Bure for being so unashamed of her faith and love for Jesus. User “frombarrasheart” said, “I was born and raised in Japan. Parents of missionaries... Japan needs Jesus! Glad you are spreading His light wherever you go!”

Other users expressed their gratitude, calling her an “inspiration.” One comment stated, “Thank you @candacecbure for standing up for Jesus in our world today.”

In a world where the majority of the entertainment industry pushes a liberal agenda, it is so refreshing to have an actress in Hollywood unashamed of her conservative Christian values. Unlike Candace Cameron Bure, a member of the Duggar family was recently shamed for standing up for his Christian beliefs.

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