Candace Cameron Bure Posts Adorable Flashback Photo, Wait Until You See Her Outfit

August 02, 2018Aug 02, 2018

Decades ago devout Christian actress and "Fuller House" star Candace Candace Bure captivated the American public as young DJ Tanner on "Full House." Since then, Cameron has continued to keep the public's attention because of strong morals and her love of God.

Candace is now all grown up and has three children of her own. She took a walk down memory lane on Thursday when she posted a throwback photo of her with her three siblings.

In the picture, Candace stands in front of her three older siblings including her actor brother Kirk Cameron.

She captioned the adorable photo, "A wedding? Our first award show? Easter? You got me... but here I am in the hat with my two sisters and brother. @kirkcameronofficial @bridgette_r @my3joys."

Little Candace looks just like a mini version of Candace now. She was just as fashionable then too.

Look at that hat! Her dress is also the fanciest of all of her siblings.

Candace enjoys posting throwback photos. In June, she posted an adorable picture of her and her husband on their second date.

The post was for her wedding anniversary. The couple were married in 1996.

At the time, she wrote, "There really is something special about growing old together. I love you even more today than I did on our wedding day simply because I KNOW you, 24 years in the making. We’ve refined each other which only happens through sifting out the ugly to get to the beautiful 🌹. And while I don’t want the years to rush by, I’m looking forward to many more wrinkles and gray hair together ❤️. Because by then, only through your eyes will you still see me without them. I love you, baby."

What a beautiful sentiment! This is why we loved Candace. 

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