Candace Cameron Bure on the Kathy Griffin Fiasco

June 01, 2017Jun 01, 2017

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently grabbed the attention of the entire nation after posting a controversial photo of her holding President Donald Trump’s decapitated head. Griffin announced she wanted to make a political statement, but many were horrified and offended.

She eventually released an apology video and requested the photo be taken down, but continued to receive outrage from many conservatives and even liberals. Chelsea Clinton and members of the CNN Network were among the liberals who publicly stated their disagreement with Griffin’s ‘political statement’.

Candace Cameron Bure, Christian actress of ‘Fuller House’ and former cohost of ‘The View’, shared an opinion article on Thursday regarding the Kathy Griffin fiasco. The article titled, ‘Here’s How America Should Have Responded to the Kathy Griffin Debacle’, written by Billy Hallowell, highlights Bure’s perspective on the situation.

The Faithwire article discusses the importance of prayer in these types of situations, where outrage takes over. The article gives a powerful reminder, which Bure agrees with.

“As Christians (though this should extend to all of humanity), we’re commanded to love others, even those who do or say stupid things...even our enemies. The power, intensity and draw of social media can often lead us to forget these essential facts of the faith.”

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