Candace Cameron Bure Gives Heartfelt Plea Over Hundreds Trapped After U.S. Storm

January 10, 2018Jan 10, 2018

On early Tuesday morning, a tragic natural disaster occurred in Southern California. An intense storm, combined with the recent wildfires that charred the land, caused vicious mudslides, fires, and explosions.

As of Wednesday morning, the death toll from the storm had risen to 15. The main affected area is in Montecito, off of the US Route 101 freeway. Leading up to the storm, over 20,000 people were put under evacuation orders. While some incredible rescues have been made (like the video below), there are still many others who are awaiting rescue.

Not only have 15 people already lost their lives and dozens of homes destroyed, reports are now emerging that there are still up to 300 people who are trapped. Yaneris Munez, the Santa Barbara County spokeswoman, commented on Tuesday night about those that still need to be rescued. 

She said, "We can't get to them, and they can't get to us...Once we have daybreak, you will see helicopters start rescuing people there."

Now, many people are taking to social media to bring awareness to the natural disaster and asking for prayers. Famous actress Candace Cameron Bure posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday morning and gave a heartfelt plea. 

She said, "Oh Lord, I am praying for the sweet town of Montecito. Please God may all the missing children be reunited with their parents. The stories are so heartbreaking. Thank you to all the search and rescue teams, firefighters, and everyone helping. How can we help? #montecito #borrowedpictures." 

The actress was referring specifically to the multiple reports that have emerged about children and teenagers that are missing from following the storm. Other public figures have been posting about the storm on social media as well.

Please continue praying for everyone who has lost a loved one, is still looking for someone missing, or has been affected in any other way by this storm. In other recent news, a 1990s comedy actor just sadly died in his sleep at only 36 years old. 

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