Candace Cameron Bure Gets Real in New Book, Reveals Heart-wrenching Details of Her Faith Journey

April 24, 2018Apr 24, 2018

“Fuller House” star Candace Cameron Bure is celebrating the release of her latest faith-based book, “Kind is the New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously,” which encourages women to stay classy through being kind. It completely redefines the word “class” with a refreshing and Godly perspective.

The book was officially open to the public on Tuesday, April 24th and has already received a “Best Seller” title on Amazon.

Faith Family America writer Alex Olsen had the opportunity to read “Kind is the New Classy” ahead of the release date. Despite the title, the book actually shines a huge spotlight on discovering your true purpose, staying grounded in God’s word, and the significance of worship and prayer in addition to practicing routine kindness.

The book is filled with a number of empowering Bible verses that emphasize Bure’s pointers to staying kind in all circumstances, making it clear that kindness is nearly impossible without God. Time and time again, Bure revealed in the book that “glorifying God” is her true purpose and everyday kindness is a part of that.

“Kind is the New Classy” also gives fans a chance to know Bure more personally. To many fans’ surprise, Bure and her siblings were not raised in a Christian home; for several years, their family was “broken” and her parents considered divorce.

The actress opened up about her first encounter with the church, finding the true meaning of Christianity through her salvation story, and even revealed times where she felt convicted by her sins or failed to practice kindness. Ultimately, Bure found Jesus’ love on her own.

Additionally, the reader gets to hear Bure’s perspective on times, including national headline moments, where Bure was attacked for her Christian faith and political beliefs. Bure admitted that in the Hollywood scene, being a Christian is almost unheard of. The book of Daniel helped her in persisting to publicly share God’s love.

“[Daniel’s] brand of belief — his commitment to the sovereignty of God — was completely strange in Babylon. And I resonate with this because sometimes my Christian faith is seen as wildly foreign and strange in Hollywood,” Bure noted. “So I perked up, knowing I had a lot to learn from this study.”

Every chapter of the book includes a “Your Turn” section that engages the reader with questions and small activities. In the back of the book, Bure also placed a short guide for Bible reading, “How to Study the Bible” — an extremely helpful tool for both new and longtime Christians.

Alex Olsen’s Personal Review:

As a full-time working woman, student, and young mother, this book speaks directly to the heart of women in nearly all walks-of-life who are continuously pursuing God’s love. “Kind is the New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously” is a quick and easy read that offers simple tools and pieces of advice to practice kindness and grow in our walk with God as daughters of the King. As a reader, I got the urge to dive deeper into my God-given talents, let go of guilt, love others more, and apply everything I do in life to my ultimate purpose of living for Jesus Christ. Flipping through the pages does bring an overwhelming amount of emotions; if you have a sensitive heart and spirit, be prepared to shed a few tears! If you’re a fan of Bure as an actress and author, the book also provides a unique chance for fans to know the “real” person behind the screen. For any men reading, the book makes a great gift idea for the Jesus-loving women in your life!

To purchase a copy of Bure’s “Kind is the New Classy,” please visit Amazon. The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats.

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