Candace Cameron Bure Gets Emotional, Opens Up About Relationship With Daughter

January 16, 2018Jan 16, 2018

Often when people comment on Candace Cameron Bure and her daughter, Natasha Bure, it is in regard to their strikingly similar looks. While they do share similar features, they share a bond much deeper than that. 

The famous "Fuller House" actress opened up to ET Online about her relationship with her daughter. Recently, Candace and Natasha have been experiencing a new aspect of their relationship: working together. 

The two attended the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries winter Television Critics Association on Saturday. The mother-daughter duo talked about acting together in this Christmas season's most-watched Hallmark movie, "Switched for Christmas." 

Candace said, "I loved that she was there with me and she did a fantastic job. We had a good time together."

When asked if they would work together again in the future, Natasha joked, "I mean, she's a tough co-star...I'm kidding. She's great."

The duo then talked about the continuous comments about their similar looks. 

19-year-old Natasha said, "I think she's stunning so obviously I appreciate the compliment."

Candace said, "For someone to compare me to a 19-year-old, it makes me so happy."

After the light-hearted remarks, Candace got a bit emotional. The reporter asked about Natasha turning 20 years old, a milestone birthday. 

She said, "You're breaking my heart! It's setting in! It's her last year of being a teenager! That's hurting! It's hurting me right now."

Natasha chimed in, "She's gonna cry, she's really gonna cry." She did add that she likes "staying with her," however, and that she won't leave just because she won't be a teenager anymore.

While the two have been great working partners, their mother-daughter relationship is the most important thing to them. 

Candace said, "I'm still 'mom' at the end of the day. I say a lot of 'No' and 'Did you clean your room and put that away?'"

The duo both admitted that they are hoping for season four of "Fuller House," particularly so that Natasha could make an appearance on it! 

Candace said, "I think if you're on you should be a singer on it. Maybe you could be with Jodie's character or maybe you could be some high school girl that Jackson has a crush on."

Perhaps the mother-daughter pair will work together again sometime in the near future. For now, they will maintain their strong off-screen relationship.

We love seeing strong family relationships within Hollywood! What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, 4 officers were shot after a man violently opened fire. Please keep them in your prayers.

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