Candace Cameron Bure Called A 'Homophobic Republican' for the T-Shirt She Wore: See It and Decide

December 20, 2017Dec 20, 2017

Candace Cameron Bure became the central figure in a tragic bullying moment that took place on social media. Candace decided to wear a shirt with a religious phrase across the front.

When she wore the shirt and then posted a picture of herself on social media, she never imagined the backlash she would face. One user decided to take things to extremes and lash out against Candace for wearing the shirt saying, "Not Today Satan."

A comedian and drag queen named Bianca Del Rio wrote, "If only this homophobic, Republican knew."

Things went crazy online after the comment. Hundreds of people flooded the post with terrible things about Candace. While some people stood up for her, many simply attacked her for her religious beliefs.

“Why do you have to be so nasty to me? You don’t know me or my heart. I’m not homophobic and always sad when people think otherwise. Loving Jesus doesn’t mean I hate gay people or anyone," responded Candace, on social media.

“You sent a bunch of hateful people to my page writing horrible things,” she added. “I hope next time you’ll spread love and kindness, even when you disagree with people. Sending you love and wish you all the best.”

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