Candace Cameron Bure Attacked For Her Political Beliefs

March 03, 2017Mar 03, 2017


On the evening of President Trump’s Joint Address, Candace Cameron Bure tweeted her support before and throughout the event.

“9 minutes and counting. My butt is on the couch waiting-”

She tweeted excitedly about American jobs, drug prices and acknowledging the men and women fighting for our country including Ryan Owens, the man who was killed.

Bure also applauded the president on his address to congress.

The Christian actress quickly received backlash from others with opposing political beliefs:

“Go to bed you psychotic Jesus Freak.”

“I always got a bad vibe for I know why.”

“You r so full of yourself. Glad u r off The View.”

Many Twitter users have commented that her show, Fuller House, will be cancelled because of her commenting on her political beliefs. The show recently has been renewed for an additional season 3 with ‘extra’ episodes.

Bure responded by retweeting people’s messages and responding to many of the tweets personally with LOVE, of course.

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