Candace Cameron Bure Answers: Would You Be OK With An Atheist Being President?

February 18, 2016Feb 18, 2016

During a recent segment of "The View," the issue of a presidential candidate's faith came up. Is it OK for a president to be an atheist?

One of the contributors replied, saying "I don't need my president to believe in the 'God' I believe in or in the religion I believe in, because I don't want his politics to be swayed or to be favored by his religious beliefs. What do you think, Candace?"


Christian and politically conservative cohost Candace Cameron Bure replied, "For me, looking at a presidential candidate, I want to look at the foundation of which they're going to build our country upon, and what that foundation is for them. It's like when I think about building my house, I want a solid foundation. So, the morals, the views, the virtues...those are important to me. Those are things I do look at."

Do you think she gave a good answer? What answer would you give?